About the Team

The St. Olaf-Carleton Engineering Team (STOC Machine) is an intercollegiate, competitive engineering team providing the opportunity for St. Olaf and Carleton college students to learn about and participate in hands-on engineering and design processes through the participation in external engineering competitions. We hope to inspire students with a passion for engineering and a desire to learn and work in a competitive environment.

We currently participate in the International Aerial Robotics Competition, creating autonomous drones with never before seen capabilities. Check out our YouTube channel for videos of what's going on at the moment!

The Structure Team

The structures team creates the physical body of the drone and sensor mounts, and ensures rigidity and durability during flight (and crashes).

The Controls Team

The controls team is tasked with programming the drone to behave autonomously during the competition. They're the people to blame if the drone spontaneously develops sentience.

The Electronics Team

The electronics team manages all of the electrical components on the drone (as you might have guessed). They serve as the bridge between the controls and structures subteams, ensuring that everything fits together smoothly.

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Meet the Team