The St. Olaf - Carleton Engineering Team was originally founded in September of 2015 as the St. Olaf - Carleton Student Hyperloop Team. We participated in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition through fall semester of 2015 and presented our design to SpaceX at Design Weekend in January of 2016. You can read more about our Hyerloop exploits here.

After finishing, Hyperloop we began participating in the International Aerial Robotics Competition. This is a challenging engineering competition that seeks to push the limits of autonomous aerial flights, and develop new technology with it.

A Bit About Our Members

As a combination of two liberal arts institutions, there are no 'engineering majors' on our team. Although predominately physics or computer science majors, as of 2016, we have members whose specialties include Religion, Economics, Biology, etc. A full layout of who comprises the team can be found on our team profile page.

What We're Up To