The Structure Team

building the drone

Here on Structures team, we provide the very foundation of our drone. Our main focus will be designing and optimizing the frame, motors, and propellers, as well as hardware integration of the sensor array and battery placement.

Our team of 12 works to optimize the drone’s structure, striking the right balance of power and agility. Our goal is for the frame to be as light as possible in order to maximize possible flight time, as well as strong enough to resist the repeated shock of a hard landing. In order to find a balance between these contradictory goals, we will be constructing and performing evaluative testing on a variety of drones in order to find the right combination that achieves our goals. For example, the advantages and disadvantages of the number of blades on our drone will be heavily examined.

We are also responsible for minimizing vibrations and maximizing the stability of the drone for the purpose of providing the sensors with a clear and unchanging view of the course.

Structures Team Updates